Het Bestuur

This year Ruben is the chairman of the association. He loves to play squash with just anybody. Besides, he is always in for some small talk, so you can expect to see him at the relaxing talk after the squash session.

Ruben LubbenChairman

Wout is the treasurer of the association. He likes to go for the win when playing squash. Moreover, when he is not too tired of playing squash, he might be into a drink (or two).

Wout op 't EndeTreasurer

Koen takes care of the secretary function. He gets along with pretty anybody and will not quickly deny to play another set of squash.

Koen van Haren Secretary

Try squash?

The only thing you need is your sport outfit

Every Monday and Wednesday evening we play squash together. On Mondays training is provided and the Wednesdays we spent on a competition between the members. On both nights we also play for fun. Are you curious to see what it is like? You’re welcome to join. Click the button below for more information.

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